Milk and coffee are best friends. Milk provides a sweetness and texture that’s perfectly complementary without overpowering or undermining your coffee experience. With so much effort and care going into finding the right coffee beans, don’t forget to put a little attention into using the right milk for your perfect latte, cortado, iced coffee or cappuccino.

Fluffy froth

Skimmed milk

Skimmed milk has a very low amount of fat – only 0.1 g, which can actually make skimmed milk taste sweeter than other milks. When steamed, skimmed milk creates a quite dry and dense head of foam, so if you’re a fan of milk foam, this is the milk for your latte.

Skimmed milk can hold a lot of bubbles because of the low-fat content. The result: more stable and dense foam.

Perfectly balanced

Semi-skimmed milk

With a slightly higher fat content, semi-skimmed milk has 1.7 g fat, which makes it a bit richer in flavour. When steamed, there is a great balance between taste, texture and the natural aromas of the coffee, making semi-skimmed ideal for a cortado.

Rich and creamy

Whole milk

With 3.6 g fat whole milk has a great richness and texture to complement coffee. The richness can achieve an ideal balance of taste and texture when mixed with coffee complete with a delicious creamy froth when steamed – perfect for your cappuccino.

Whole milk produces a creamier and more flavourful foam. The result: a velvety and rich foam.

Why add steamed

milk to your coffee?

The perfect latte

Steamed milk art

When you steam milk, you get that perfect velvety structure, that allows you to make latte art. But make sure it’s not too hot, scalding the milk will affect the sweet flavour. The ideal temperature for your latte is around 60 degrees Celsius, 140 Fahrenheit.


Just a dash of milk

With a double shot of hot espresso and equal parts steamed milk, a cortado is the perfect cup if you like your coffee strong. The warm milk creates a perfect balance and reduces the acidity of the coffee – it may be small and simple but has a great kick to the taste. 

Barista tips

The perfect milk froth

Creamy cappuccino

Frothy milk top

Deliciously smooth with that perfect froth on top – get your top tips for creating that perfect milk froth on your cappuccino with skimmed, semi skimmed or whole milk.

Iced coffee

Milk over ice

Enjoy delicious iced coffee with an espresso shot and ice cubes, or make your own coffee ice cubes and pour over fresh milk. If you want that naturally sweet taste and less acidity, try making cold brew coffee –  add milk and you have a delicious iced coffee.