Arla Organic 3 Organic Low Fat Milk 1L

Organic Low Fat Milk 1L

Arla Organic 3 Organic Low Fat Milk 1L


Organic Low Fat Milk (1.5% fat), lactase


Arla Organic milk is 100% European organic certified which means free from artificial ingredients, hormones, preservatives, antibiotics and chemicals. Produced in Denmark, every glass of Arla Organic milk is full of calcium and protein goodness for the whole family to enjoy, with a taste that is fresh as nature intended.

Our low fat milk is great for all ages, being packed with calcium and protein which are essential for the development of strong bones and muscles. Arla Low Fat Milk brings all the nutritious benefits of organic milk, but with lower calories. With no artificial ingredients added, you can be sure to enjoy the pure organic taste of fresh low fat milk in every glass.