Let creamy milk complement all the spicy flavours in your tea

From the classic English Breakfast tea to the herbal aromas of matcha and the spicy notes of chai – discover how milk gives tea a creamy new character, body and texture. From skimmed, semi-skimmed to whole milk – each can enhance the flavour and spices of tea whilst creating the perfect balance between the tones of the tea and the texture of the milk.

Let delicious creamy milk

Bring out the best in matcha

Unique and intense taste

Delicious creamy milk matcha

Enjoy creamy steamed milk in your matcha tea. The unique and intense taste of matcha tea powder can be a little bitter, so balance it with the deliciously creamy tones of steamed whole-milk that adds a slightly sweeter taste and a richer texture in a matcha latte.

Refreshingly cold

Iced milk matcha

Try a creamy and cold matcha latte if the strong taste of matcha is a bit too much for your taste buds. The cold temperature takes some of the edge off the bitter tones, while adding fresh cold milk complements the intense taste of the green tea powder. Simply make your matcha tea, pour over ice and add semi-skimmed milk and enjoy a refreshing and creamy iced matcha latte.

Smooth tasting milk creates a

creamy & spicy chai

Creamy and spicy

Smooth milk chai

Loaded with flavourful spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and black tea – your chai will have a more rounded taste and creamier texture with semi-skimmed milk. Add it while brewing or steam it to add a delicious froth on top of your chai Latte.

Iced chai latte

Milk & spice infusion

Enjoy this amazing infusion of spices in an iced chai latte. Make sure your chai blend is completely cooled down, and add lots of ice cubes and skimmed milk. The strong spices of the chai will be subtler when the tea is cold and adding milk will complement the tea and create a more creamy and rounded texture. Perfectly spiced, wonderfully aromatic, delightfully creamy and incredibly refreshing iced chai latte.

Creamy milk froth makes an

Aromatic tea latte

Aromatic Black tea

Creamy tea latte

Oh, that good old morning cuppa, it doesn’t get more classic than that! Instead of just adding a splash of cold milk, try heating or steaming your milk to get that full body and creamy texture. With the creamy milk complementing the aromatic tea and rounding off the bitterness, your cup of tea will taste far more silky and balanced.

Flavourful iced tea

Topped with cold milk

Discover how ice can change the different range of flavours in your tea – the wonderfully spicy and rich tasting tastes will completely transform when ice and milk is added. Make sure to pick a strong-flavoured tea and add a semi-skimmed milk for more body and texture for a more refreshing and aromatic iced tea latte.

Tasty milk smoothies

Find your favourite, and discover how milk provides a creamy texture to your smoothie.

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